Pet Polices

Piney Ridge is pet friendly (with breed and weight restrictions). For everyones enjoyment, if pet behavior is not controllable, you will be asked to keep your dog inside your site. Barking control will be enforced, and if barking annoys neighboring guests, you will be asked to leave.  Sorry, no cats permitted outside your home (limits on the number of pets for any one guest).

This is flea country.  You will need to treat your pet with a product recommended by your vet.  We require a current copy of your pet vaccination records.

Yard Maintenance. You are responsible for picking up after your pet – no opening the door and letting your pet out without you there to pick-up.

You may want to use a protected pet pen for your dog to relax in. Consider purchasing artificial turf for your pet and your yard. Easy to clean, no mowing, no watering.